Tracker4Fleet combines the best of telecommunications, informatics and telematics solutions and offers unique ways to track and trace a vehicle. From motorbikes to heavy trucks, from a single car to huge fleets – there is a solution for each and every client. Telematics is the key to effective resource management, optimization of costs and safety across a range of industries.


Fleet Management Telematics Range

Plug & Play                       

  • Self-install within minutes
  • Simple to use (OBD)
  • Live tracking
  • Trip report
  • OBD live data

/ price on request

No installation needed – 1 year subscription included


  • Professional installation required
  • Car and Driver monitoring
  • Live tracking
  • Trip report with eco-score
  • Can bus data and Fuel monitoring
  • Engine lock  Digital I/O

/ price on request

Installation + 1 year subscription included

Advanced             +

  • Professional installation required
  • Driver recognition and monitoring
  • Live tracking
  • Trip report with eco-score
  • Fuel consumption analysis
  • 5 configurable inputs and outputs
  • Any type of bluetooth sensor
  • Embedded camera (Option)
  • Customisable option
  • Full Can Bus data monitoring

/ price on request

Installation + subscription adapted to the solution

power of telematicS in your hand


Tracker4fleet is a provider of telematics solutions for track and trace, fleet management and anti-theft systems. Professional customers will find high-tech systems with us that provide more efficient overview, security, administration and management. But also private customers can have their car, boat, motorbike, old-timer, agriculture and other objects secured by Tracker4fleet.



Tracker4Fleet is also a team of engineers experienced in the field of automotive safety for 27 years, having developed products perfectly adapted to the requirements of the Belgian and European market in terms of vehicle protection, recognized by all insurance company, Tracker4Fleet offers you TRACK & TRACE systems, INCERT approved.