Fleet Tracking Solutions

A Tailor-Made Telematic System
for fleet management and monitoring

What we do

  • A tailor-made GPS tracking system
  • For all kind of vehicles
  • Custom dashboard
  • Easy and fast to integrate
  • Fully secured 

What you do

Transport & Logistic
Shipping Container
Car Sharing
Heavy equipment Construction
Private vehicle

Some Functionalities

The green driving solution offers various advantages. It enables the company to motivate their employees through bonuses for respecting a good average behaviour on road. It increases road, driver and vehicle safety, reduce average costs (as fuel and maintenance) and reduce negative impact on our planet. Read more

This enables you to monitor temperature of refrigerated vehicles to ensure a perfect control of the cold chain. Get an alert a soon a the temperature set is changing. Get a trace on every mouvements during the transport. 

A geofence is a virtual fence you define to delimitate an area where you want to monitor every enter or exit actions of your vehicles. The area may be a country, a specific field, a parking or even only your office.

Being able to adopt a company vehicles for private purposes as well can be an attractive incentive for your employees. This functionality enables the company to track their vehicles only during working hours for instance in order to fully respect the private life of your employees.

The anti theft functionality detects jamming and helps prevent theft or recover a stolen vehicle. When jamming is detected, relay initiates alarm system, block vehicle starter or lock all vehicle doors.

The tracker is connected to the fuel monitoring system and enables to control fuel level, fuel leak and fuel theft information. Get detailed reports on costs and an estimation of provisional costs thanks to our real-time fuel price monitoring.

Get an instant alert if a tracker is unplugged. Our trackers are very smart and will warn you for any suspect activity happening to them.

Be instantly notified if a vehicle is involved in a collision. React immediately to check on your driver safety and send rescue. Our 24/7 Assistance partner will do it anyway to reinforce security. Get all useful datas needed to provide evidence of driver’s behaviour before the accident occurs.

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