Conteneur transport

Logistics flow end-to-end tracking

Ensure a 100% visibility of your daily operations within your assets

Don’t waste time looking for your assets anymore. Instantly identify them on a live location map. Ensure a maximum visibility on their status. 

Tracking your assets highly improve the use of your ressources and your scheduling efficiency, as well as ability to recover from theft or losses.

Be notified as soon as a unscheduled movement occurs, a goal has been reached, a specific requirement has not been respected,…

GPS tracker

Our trackers send real time insights on your assets status.

Know 24/24 where and in which condition status your assets are.

Plan precisely when and where your assets need to be delivered and make sure your schedule is well respected.

Our tracker battery life reaching up to 5 years.

The anti theft functionality detects jamming and helps prevent theft or recover a stolen asset.

Assets Sensors

Our sensors are highly sensitive and detect any abnormal activity.

Using a bluetooth sensor allows you to set up notifications and be warn if a temperature changes or becomes close to a certain limit in order to be quickly rectified and avoid losses.

Any authorized/unauthorized movement is instantly detected and reported, as much as lack of movement.

Our sensors are able to detect if a door is open or close and send its status among the reports.

Our sensor also detect and record shock or impact through accelerometers and vibration sensors.

Smart platform

An intuitive and smart platform integrated to your working tools.

Our platform is being developed to be the easiest and fastest to use. Be fully autonomous to follow your assets, collect datas and safely monitor your activities. 

Define custom notifications to be warn as soon as a specific event occurs. Get real-time alerts on any devices you need.

Collect datas into smart automatically or manually generated reports.

Keep lasting of any changes happened within your assets.