Car Sharing

Real-time monitoring of your vehicles fleet

Our trackers are adapted to all kind of vehicles and offer a wide range of solutions to monitor vehicles and drivers behaviours, status and safety.

We provide tracking solutions for all types of vehicles for shared mobility (cars, scooter, bikes, go-peds, segway…).

Preventive maintenance is essential to keep up with the vehicle’s performances and safety and preserve its lifetime running as long as possible.

Keep a close eye and a detailed history on your vehicles activities, locations, usage, status and maintenance. 

Tracking and monitoring

Real-time monitoring of vehicles activities and status.

Monitor remotely on a dashboard the use of your fleet: current location and driver, driver behavior, fuel level, distance travelled,…

See the activity of your fleet on a live map. Also available on mobile phone. Whatever the support used, keep an eye on your vehicles use.

As well as seing the activity of your fleet by vehicle, you can monitor each driver behavior: from vehicle used, roads taken, fuel consumed to a driver historic within the fleet.

Keep a detailed historic of the daily activity of your vehicles. Travel time, distance travelled,… get periodic reports and instant alerts in case of unusual activity.

Grant control

Set permissions around your fleet from who is allowed to drive to the limit of your vehicles operations.

The system monitors if the user and the vehicle follow the agrees conditions such as geozone, duration, kilometers,…

Register and validate user’s identity and driving licence, enables user’s profile management (access, history activities, removal) and cars use. 

Enables a driver to enter and start a vehicle thanks to a temporary digital key. The system generate, update, distribute or revoke digital keys to the selected user. 

The system is able to accept or reject a use request based on the driver’s ID, payment and score.

Monitor each vehicle

Control precisely the use and the status of each of your vehicles.

Our trackers allow scanning of over 300 vehicle’s parameters (battery level, windows, doors or trunck closure, lights on/off status, parking break,…)

Keep you fleet running as long as possible through preventive maintenance. Get notifications before a problem occurs or to remind you that is time for the vehicle maintenance. 

Inform you of the usage, the current level fuel status and warn you when it’s necessary to refuel or if a theft occurs.

A remote secure engine cut-off (SECO) functionality enables to prevent or recover any loss or stolen vehicle.