Private Vehicle


Ensure the security of your vehicle

Make sure to always know what’s going on with your vehicle, never loose contact!

Detect any movement occurring, set a range of alarms and notifications, define zone limits and improve your chance of retrieving your lost vehicle.

Reduce car insurance costs thanks to our maximum vehicle’s protection devices and features. 

Monitor all important aspects of your vehicle to never lack a need and keep it as its best shape!

Security tracking

Complete security tracking of your vehicle.

Our powerfull sensors have been made to detect any unusual actions occuring such as motion, window or door opening,…

Set notifications when your vehicles crosses specific or several check points or when it goes beyound a defined area.

Highly increase your chance to retrieve your stolen vehicle even outside borders or internet coverage.

Set the events you want to track and get real-time notifications on your smartphone (Android and iPhone compatible).


Keep your vehicle as its best of performance!

Input service shedules and events for your vehicle and always be on time without any concerns. 

Get more from your tracker and get all informations about your car well being.

As soon as the system identifies an issue, you get a real-time notification to never be taken by surprise and avoid breakdowns.

Keep a digital services record at all time in your hands. No more paper!

Sensors quality

As we are making a point providing you the best quality!

Accelerometer, temperature, humidity detection and magnetometer to prevent all case scenarios. 

The compact size of our sensors make them really hard to detect for any malicious person.

The casing has been made robust and waterproof for them to remain operational in all circumstances.

Once installed, nothing to worry about the lifetime battery that goes up to 10 years.