Easily monitor your agricultural fleet remotely 

Whatever the field or crop types, the number and size of your fleet…
We offer a strong solution for each of you!

Our telematics device is able to track every single piece of your harvest production. From each seeds to field crops till grain moisture count.

Custom alerts based on your agricultural needs, till power failures, unusual temperature, humidity or water level, theft attempted, unplanned interruption,…

Powerful insights on your agricultural productivity, equipment maintenance, cost expenses, unexpected events for a maximum yield.

Harvesting productivity

An agricultural GPS fleet tracking to get real time insights on your vehicles, harvest and assets.

This functionality enables Tracker4Fleet to know the exact harvesting time when the power grip is actually engaged. Keep records of dates and times of harvesting to monitor your agricultural performance and farm’s profitability.

Monitor the exact distance made while seeding or harvesting and cross datas yield and cost to calculate farm productivity.

Our trackers offer till 5 years of autonomy to keep running without any power supply and keep constant track of your working activity.

Collect every single datas your need to monitor the performance of your activity from every seed planted to each grain moisture lost when harvesting.

Tracking features

Most used tracking features in the agricultural industry.

Delimitate virtually the area where you want to monitor every enter or exit actions of your vehicles. 

Fully automated and remote download of driver and vehicle card data.

Monitor accurately the working time of your employees and make sure they comply with company’s policy and safety. Link datas directly to your payroll system.

Our trackers detect jamming and helps prevent theft or recover a stolen vehicle. When jamming is detected, our tracker immediately initiates alarm system and warn you on any devices.

Preventive maintenance

Ensure preventive maintenance to reduce costs and maintain vehicles in prime condition on a long term run.

Get instant notifications from any of your vehicles when it’s time to realize proactive maintenance.

Equipment usage log is used to track the use of every piece of your equipment, such as who used it, when, where and on which vehicle as well as the productivity and cost related.

It precisely measures and tracks how fuel is consumed within your vehicles and collects it into smart datas reports. 

Our system constantly checks the health of your fleet’s engines sending every trouble fault codes.