Heavy Equipment


Improve productivity and safety on job sites

Keep track of your equipment on multiple job sites and be able to move people and assets quickly from a site to another.

Get a complete visibility on your equipment and assets on multiple job sites to maximize number of actions completed simultaneously.

Secure your equipment at all time. Get summary reports on drivers actions and alerts on unauthorized actions or unsafe behaviour.

Track work hours automatically, ensure accurate payroll to your employee.

Activities tracking

Complete construction GPS fleet tracking of your activities.

Track every vehicle on sites. Get detailed reports of day-to-day activities and get alerted if any unusual action occurs.

Keep track of your assets all along the project and make sure that they are safely and accurately used. 

Get status on engine activities. Know how and where your vehicles and assets are used.

Keep track of your employees working time and make sure they comply with company’s policy and safety. 

Tracking features

Most used tracking features in the construction industry.

Monitor and control who is using vehicles and machineries. They start only if the driver has been authorized. Get reports on driver activities on site. 

Install a camera on your vehicles and monitor in real-time their activity. It’s also very useful in case of accident or disagreement.

Get instant notifications from any of your vehicles when it’s time to realize proactive maintenance.

Delimitate virtually the area where you want to monitor every enter or exit actions of your vehicles. 

Security solutions

Ensure security and protection of your vehicles and assets.

Detect jamming instantly and prevent theft or recover a stolen vehicle. When jamming is detected, our telematic unit warns you on any devices.

Enable to stop the engine remotely in case of theft or unusual mouvements. 

Define exact time within your vehicles can’t start the engine to prevent any theft attempted, during night time for instance.

Our system constantly checks the health of your fleet’s engines sending every trouble fault codes.