Fleet Maintenance

Define notifications for preventive maintenance

Remote reporting on trouble codes

Time and costs tracking on maintenance

Our force

Tracker4Fleet maintains a real time exchange of vehicle datas to keep your fleet running as its best and reduce variable costs to maximum. 

Again, our major force is without doubt our power of integration.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Maintain a fully operational fleet and avoid costs losses through predictable problems on your vehicles. Keep them in prime condition to increase their working life and resale value.

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Remote Diagnostic

Remote diagnostic detects any trouble codes that could occur at engine ignition or while the vehicle is driving to ensure fleet security and prevent a problem before it becomes bigger.

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Cost Management

Improve cost management through proactive maintenance, reducing variable costs. The precision of our datas and reports enable you to better monitor your variable expenses and avoid unnecessary costs.

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Top functionalities

We offer many useful technologies and are open to develop new ones if required to maintain your fleet at its best.

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