Transport Logistic

A smart operation of your fleet

Easily monitor in real-time your drivers, trucks and trailers and be able to react instantly to any challenge.

Monitor accurately your team’s performance through routes, kilometers, driving and resting hours, speed and fuel consumption… Link those datas to automatic payroll to pay your employees adequately.

Identify lines of improvement through collected datas to decrease driving consumption and optimize roads taken, increase profit margins, productivity and payroll process.

Enable cost saving opportunities through time-consuming tasks automation, preventive maintenance, downtime reduction, support eco driving, lower risk of theft and product damages,…

Real time tracking

Track your vehicles, drivers and assets at all time.

Track your drivers pattern in real-time, monitor the road on a live cam, spot every harsh or excessive speeding, record general behaviour on road or unexpected activity.

Track your assets and detect if any unusual or unexpected movements occurs and react instantly thanks to instant notifications send by our sensors installed inside the trailer.

Enable reporting by driver or vehicle to monitor precise actions, behaviour and working hours and prevent unauthorised driving.

Activate Private/Business mode functionality to respect your drivers privacy.

Driving Monitoring

Monitor precisely and remotely your drivers activity.

Measure and track how fuel is consumed within your fleet, collect datas into smart reports and take better decisions to optimize consumption and reduce daily costs. 

Control the driving time of your employees and make sure resting time is well respected. 

Record accurately kilometers done by your drivers for tax deduction.

Fully automated and remote download of driver and vehicle card data.

Transport Services

Protect and assist your drivers and vehicles in their day-to-day activity.

Define notifications for preventive maintenance, keep your fleet in optimal condition and enable cost saving on a long term.

Encourage your employees to adopt a good and efficient behaviour on road to ensure safety, low consumption and negative impact on the planet.

By pressing the SOS button, the tracker instantly send the GPS location to your team and police in order to immediately get in touch with the driver and react fastly.

Get an automatic assistance in case of emergency if no one is available in your team to support your driver.