Asset tracking

Real-time tracking visibility on your valuables. 
Follow closely yours assets at all levels.

Get alerts to take corrective action in case of a problem occures.

Monitor closely the condition of your assets accross the whole supply chain.

Our force

Tracker4Fleet is able to track and trace any of your valuables, whatever the size or level of requirements.

We provide you with high functional technologies to make sure your goods are delivered on time with high security protection.

We attach a great importance to ensure a high level of consistent solutions to support you in the quality of your business.

Therefore, we are working with you on continuous improvements to make sure our tracking solutions answer all of your business needs. 

Supply Chain Visibility

Ensure efficient logistic solutions, reduce cost, risk of damages and improve customers satisfaction.

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Cargo Security

Get a 360 degree supply chain visibility to protect your assets and ensure cargo integrity.

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Monitor Assets Quality

Improve your supply chain’s quality by monitoring your valuables at every step of delivery.

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Top functionalities

We offer many useful technologies and are very willing to develop new ones if required to monitor your activity.

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Tech Corner