Green Driving

Driving style is one of the factors directly influencing safety, fuel consumption and vehicle life. If a green driving style is well adopted by drivers, the saved costs can be used to strengthen a company and its competitive advantages.

Aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering and over speeding pose a threat not only to the driver himself but also to other road users. Besides, these cases of inappropriate driver behavior result in operational costs that otherwise can be avoided.

No doubt, safety of people and cargo is an important aspect that must be taken into consideration and regarded as a top priority. 

Green driving solution is a very good example of how modern technology can help develop your business, increase your employees safety, reduce your fleet consumption and safe money. 

To motivate drivers, there is a possibility to evaluate their driving scores and accordingly allocate salary or bonuses. Plus, a green driving system highly increases their safety and reduce negative impact on our planet and our future.

Tracker4Fleet collects data on acceleration, braking, over speeding, harsh cornering and no-load engine operation. This information is instantly analyzed. If the received values are beyond the set parameters, the device sends a command to the LED or Buzzer installed in the driver’s cab and alerts that he or she is driving inefficiently. The same information is also sent to a server for further analytics if required.

Benefits of Green driving

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